World Uploads

Frequently asked questions regarding uploading files to Worlds.

What upload formats are supported?

Image Files: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF (50MB)

Video Files : MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV (100MB)

3D Objects : GLB, GLTF (100MB)

Background Music : MP3, WAV, M3U (20MB)

Why is there an error on my upload file?

This may be due to various factors such as an unsupported files or connectivity/bandwidth related issues. You may either refer to the supported file types and reupload them, refresh your browser and try again, or report your error to the support page if all else fails.

How does my video display in the World?

Your video will continuously be on loop when the avatar is within proximity and will automatically fade or pause when distancing.

Is there a free asset library for me to use in Mitoworld?

At this current stage, we do not have an asset library available. Stay tuned for exciting updates in the near future.

Can I upload moving 3D assets into my blueprint?

Yes, we support animated 3D assets in GLTF format.

What are the interaction capabilities with 3D objects?

There are no interaction capabilities with 3D objects.

My world has been deleted due to prohibited uploads, how do I restore?

Anything that does not match our supported files and goes against our Terms of Service. You may contact us if you believe this is a mistake.

Will I be notified if my uploads are against policy?

Yes, you will be notified with an email. However, we will take down your World in the mean time. You may contact us (link this) if you believe this is a mistake.

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