Quick Start Guide

Create your very own metaverse World in a few steps!

⏱️ Quick Start

Build and publish your own Metaverse for free.

1. Login or Create an Account

Login by signing-in with your email, google account or Facebook Account.

2. Begin to Create World

from your dashboard, select create world.

3. Select a Plan

Choose either MitoLite for a simple creative platform or MitoPro for the powerhouse features!

There are premium spaces for MitoPro but we do recommend you start for free to try things out.

4. Enter World Details

Give your World a name. Describe your world to optimise discovery.

You may also add a custom thumbnail.

5. Select a Blueprint

Select a blueprint and click to apply.

6. Choose your Blueprint Variation

Your Blueprint comes with a variety of colors and seasons.

Enter the World in editor mode to further customise your World's look.

7. Personalise your World

Click on any of the placeholders to upload your visuals. Change the color of your space to suit your style!

8. Save your customisation

Once youre happy with your edits, remember to click on the save button to keep the changes.

9. Publish your World

You may publish your World whenever you are ready through the dashboard.

10. Next Steps ✈️

Congratulations on creating your first World!

We've barely scratched the surface of what you can build with the Mitoworld platform. Feel free to discover some amazing Worlds from our community or learn more about our features at our discord channel!

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