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Frequently asked questions regarding creating a world?

Will I lose my uploads if I upgrade to MitoPro?

No, your uploads will be stored safely and will not be deleted.

Will I lose my World if I missed a MitoPro payment?

No, your World will revert to the “view-only” status for 90 days. You may complete the payment within 90 days to restore your World.

Can I restore my World if I re-subscribe?

If you were on MitoPro subscription, you may restore your World if you re-subscribe within 90 days.

Is there a free trial for MitoPro?

Yes, every first time user will be eligible to receive a one-month free trial for MitoPro.

Is there a time limit for MitoLite use?

No, every user is entitled to have 3 MitoLite World. There is no time limit for MitoLite package.

Do I have to change my Blueprint when I downgrade MitoPro to MitoLite?

Yes, your World will revert to the “view-only” status for 90 days. You can make the payment within 90 days to get your World back.

Can I lock my designed world to prevent editing?

You can lock each of the changes with the “lock” button when you are in your designed world. Visitors are unable to edit your world.

Can I duplicate a customised World?

No, you cannot duplicate a customised World.

Can I revert my World to my previously published design?

If you have not save your World design, it will revert back to your previous World design. However, once the World is saved, you are unable to revert back to the previous design.

Can I migrate my World into a different account?

No, all your World's are tied to your account.

Can I preview my edited World before publish?

Yes, there is a preview button in your designed World on the top left corner to preview as a visitor before publish.

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