Publish World

How do I share my World on Social Media?

We have social media sharing button available in your World and also your world details page in the dashboard.

Can I change my URL after publishing?

You can change your URL anytime in your World details page but make sure you click the “save” button before you leave the page.

How do I embed Mitoworld in my website?

You may contact us (link this) for this request if you are on MitoPro plan.

How to invite my friends to join my World?

You may share your World URL to your friends to visit your World. However, they will be exploring your World alone at this stage. We will be launching our multiplayer function in the near future.

Can I host my World on a custom URL

You are allowed to change the ending of your url in the World details page with MitoLite plan. If you are on a MitoPro plan, you will be able to fully customised your url once this feature is ready.

What browsers support Mitoworld?

We support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

What is the maximum visitor capacity in my World?

Please refer to our subscription plan for the maximum visitor capacity per World.

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