Frequently asked miscellaneous questions

Can I navigate Mitoworld without a mouse?

You can still navigate around with your mousepad, but it may negatively impact your experience. We recommend using a mouse for the most optimal experience.

How to change interface language

We do not have the option to change interface language at the moment. However, if you have language requirements that you would like to suggest, please feel free to reach out to us at hello@mitoworld.io.

Is Mitoworld accessible on mobile?

Yes, Mitoworld is accessible on all Android smartphones but does not support iOS yet.

How do I take pictures of my World?

You can easily take screenshots of your World through the screenshot button found on the top right corner of your interface.

Can I get an aerial view photo of my World?

No, currently we are unable to take an aerial view of a World.

Can I enter multiple Worlds at the same time?

Yes, you can enter multiple Worlds with separate tabs.

What are the minimum system requirements to load Mitoworld?

We recommend your system to be running on 4GB of memory, a dual core cpu, and an integrated graphic card.

Can I load an offline version of my World?

No, we suggest you to always on online status to have the best user experience.

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