How to use the new Embed Feature

Introducing our latest feature - the Embedded Pop-up - that lets you add external websites as an iFrame within your world. An iFrame is an HTML element that lets you display one web page within another web page, like a window. You can use it to show content from other websites, even if they're hosted on a different domain. Some suggested iFrame content includes YouTube URLs, videos, mini HTML games, and other websites.

How to Embed

As a quick demo, let's use a YouTube video URL. Our platform integrates with YouTube, allowing you to easily embed videos into your content. Simply copy the URL of the video from YouTube and paste it into the "Insert your embedded link here" field. For example, you can use a URL like this:

Then click on the Preview Thumbnail button and select your preferred thumbnail

With the embed pop-up, you can easily showcase a variety of content from other websites within your world.

Other Supported URL:


Please note that some websites may not allow embedding. If the site owner has blocked embedding or iFrame, there may be nothing we can do to embed the content into your world.

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