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What currently is Mitoworld priced in?

Mitowrold is priced in USD

Can I pay using crypto?

Currently, we do not accept any form of cryptocurrencies but will allow cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment option in the near future.

How do I find my receipt of payment?

Our payment system, Stripe creates receipts when a customer pays an invoice, or makes any subscription payment. Receipts for subscription and invoice payments are itemized to include line items, discounts, and taxes for the in the payment.

What if I want to pause my subscription?

You may cancel the subscription plan as an act to pause your subscription. We will maintain your World data for 90 days and you may resume your subscription plan anytime within that period.

Can I adjust my MitoPro payment due day?

Your subscription payment will be due monthly according to the commencement date of your subscription and the date can not be changed or edited.

What is the conversion rate?

Our payment system is powered by Stripe. Stripe offers integrated per-transaction pricing that applies per successful card charge. A 1.15% fee applies for international cards. A 2% fee applies if currency conversion is required. Fees include GST.

Can I pay using my e-wallet?

We currently do not accept e-wallet payments.

Why is my card not accepted?

The most common reasons why your card not accepted are either your card is expired or your credit limit is over. If your card payment is being rejected, please reach out to your bank to get additional information.

Can I change my payment card details?

Yes, you may go to our “MitoPro Subscriptions” (link this) in the dashboard, click “Manage Plan” and it will lead you to the Stripe Management Portal to change your payment card details.

I accidentally subscribed to MitoPro, can I refund?

You may contact us (link the contact us form) on the day itself and we will resolve this for you in the next 5 business days.

Can I pay for MitoPro through my Metamask?

Payments through Metamask is not available at the moment.

Is there an promo code for first time users?

First time users are entitled to have one month free trial for our MitoPro subscription plan and promo code is not needed.

Can I pay manually?

We do not offer manual payment method. You will have to link your credit card when you start your subscription plan and you will be charged automatically on every billing date.

How do I check my transaction proof for MitoPro auto debit?

It will appear in your credit card statement.

My payment failed, can I retrieve my World if I resubscribe?

Yes, you can as long as you resubscribe the plan within 90 days. Your World will remain in view only mode for 90 days after failure of payment.

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